The Lands Crossed by El Camino Primitivo de Santiago


Picture Primitive Pilgrim's Way of St. James Asturias is Spain’s most mountainous autonomous region, bounded by Galicia to the west, Castilla y León to the south and Cantabria to the east. It is a fairytale land of Celtic heritage and bagpipe music. Considered by many to be the nation’s spiritual centre, Asturias is a Principality within Spain. Over 60% of this region is protected terrain as either Natural Park, National Park or UNESCO Bioesphere Reserve, harbouring Western Europe’s largest surviving populations of European brown bear and wolves. It is Spain´s best kept secret.

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French Pilgrim's Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela

Bounded by Portugal to the south and Celtic cousin Asturias to the east, this is Spain’s most north-westerly region, a land of rolling green hills, ancient oak & chestnut forests, where the inhabitants are fiercely independent and the language spoken is more akin to Portuguese than Spanish. The misty green hills of Galicia are riddled with ancient paths, little hamlets and age-old superstitions, and its long Atlantic coastline is famed for rocky headlands and complex estuaries.


For a detailed description, see the Wikipedia article


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