What our clients have to say

I want to thank you for the amazing and marvelous trip you arranged for Sara and me. We had such an awesome time! The inns were wonderful, all the logistics came off without a hitch, the food was great and we felt privileged to be seeing some of the most beautiful terrain in the world. Moises was a great guide – we had fun learning lots of wild flowers with him. The hiking packages were very well put together – the descriptions were very helpful in figuring out which we wanted to do and the specific directions and maps ensured we were never far from knowing where we were. I can’t say we had a favorite hike – they were all great, and each had its own flavor. All in all, one of the best trips I have ever done. Should we come that direction again, we will definitely come to you to put another trip together for us. Barbara Morson, USA. Self-Guided Hiking in the Catalán Pyrenees, July 2017.

I tell everybody about your company and how much I loved the amazing scenery and the great support and organisation behind it all. Max Studer, Switzerland. Guided Hiking in the National Parks of the Pyrenees, September 2015.

I just wanted to write to thank you for the excellent arrangements made for our recent pilgrimage to Santiago from Sarria. Obviously our visit was blessed by unusually good weather but the hotels and planning you made for our visit were first class. We had many excellent overnight stays with good food and friendly helpful hosts. I am sure some of us will be returning and recommending the Camino to our friends and relatives…….in doing so we will strongly recommend that they book through you.
Jim Darlington, UK.Custom Camino Frances, September 2015.

The trip you put together for us was just Awesome. Thanks Jeremy. I’m still glowing.
Earl Hipp, USA. Guided Hiking in the National Parks of the Pyrenees, September 2015

We had a great time on the camino! Everybody came back refreshed and renewed! Giuseppe Casareto, Italy. Self-Guided Camino Frances, June 2015.

The booking and all the follow-ups with you worked very well. You were most responsive to all our needs and wishes and we are very satisfied with your level of support and with the trip in general. I would certainly recommend this trip and the Pyrenees in general to anybody. We are glad we visited this area.
Elizabeth Kirchhoffer, Switzerland/Canada. Self-Guided Hiking in the Catalán Pyrenees, September 2015

I had one thought when I left Barcelona: when can I go back to Spain? When can I hire you for another hiking trip?
Christine Over, USA. Guided Hiking in the National Parks of the Pyrenees, July 2015 

Fabulous holiday, many touching experiences. Thanks for the recipies! Keiko Yamaguchi, Japan. Custom Camino Primitivo, 2015

We were so pleased with your help with our walk on the Camino. Margaret Cannella, USA. Self-Guided Camino Frances, May 2015.

The Camino was a great experience for us and we all really enjoyed Santiago. The accommodations were excellent and our bags always appeared at the next site! Many thanks for your help and guidance. The trip was all we expected.Don Stuart, USA. Self-Guided Camino Frances, August 2014

Overall, we were very satisfied. We felt the itinerary that you designed of us was excellent. The day walk from the drop off outside of Hoyos del Espino to San Esteban was a wonderful walk. It was incredibly magical to walk on the Roman Road at Puerto del Pico. The change in environment as we passed from the high plains on the north side of Sierra de Gredos to the more Mediterranean climate of the valley was most striking. The day walk out of Hoyos del Espino that took us to the Roman bridge and along the drover’s road was also wonderful. We walked up the stream and picnicked and sunbathed, feeling completely alone in beautiful surroundings. The terraced fields (and irrigation system) of the five villages were a marvel. How we regretted that we couldn’t be there for the fig season. We would definitely recommend this trip to others! Ted Young and Candis Litsey, USA. Self-Guided Hiking in the Sierra de Gredos, May-June 2014

 I had a wonderful journey on the Camino with our group and Josie and our bus driver, Pepe. Everyday was a new adventure and I really loved the Spanish culture that we had many opportunities to experience. The walking was very manageable although 23 kms a day was my limit. Josie was wonderful and brought her diverse experience of travel, Spain and her own personal journey to make my trip special. Josie held the energies and group dynamics well particularly with her practices of mindfulness and silence. The scenery, food and churches and cathedrals were beautiful. Walking the path was special each day, arriving for a picnic lunch was lovely. Our bus and driver were wonderful also, adding to a sense of comfort and rest if we needed it. The journey has expanded my outlook on life, and I am continuing my spiritual journey at home. Having made the connection and experienced many of the cathedrals, churches and chapels along the way has given me a deeper connection to my own path which has led me to a new church. All the accommodation was very suitable. Edith, Canada. Guided Camino Frances, September 2013

Our guide, excellent, endlessly obliging, friendly but firm, versatile, amiable, professional. Local guides were knowledgeable. The itinerary had had just the right amount of walking & activities, with an excellent mix of history, geography, social interaction, etc. The food excellent too and plentiful. Picnics were healthy, varied and light, hotels were wonderful, I was doubly blessed. Group dynamics were fantastic, everyone got really along well. Judith Wood, Australia. French Camino September 2012.

The trip was wonderful, thank you. Aaah! the food, wine…..everything gorgeous. The guides and drivers were fantastic , the organisation was flawless. The camaraderie on that walk was unbelievable and we had lots of laughter, fun and tears as it seemed to effect everyone emotionally – in a good way! I loved the walking and am sorry to have left it so long before taking it on but feel inspired to continue. Thanks again for a very memorable journey. Susan Reid, Australia. French Camino September 2012.

I had a great time on your tour and I know you put extra effort into ensuring we all had a good time. I have told all my friends how good it was and my friends have told their friends! You have a very good product! Annette Elliot, Australia. French Camino, September 2012.

Wonderful trip from start to finish, memorable. I made lasting friendship with all the participants. Netty O´Conor, Dublin, Ireland. Primitive Camino May 2011.

The Camino was quite an spiritual adventure. I will never forget it. Thank you for making it possible. Beata, Poland. Primitive Camino June 2011.

 I have to admit I think of the trip all the time with amazingly fond memories. I laugh at the adventures we had and the famous “chicken” dinner, that incident always puts a smile on my face…..The many drivers, one funnier than the other, I think Julio was my favourite. I laugh when I think of the weather we had, heat at first and then rain and thunderstorms. I loved the food and was grateful to the guide for looking after me and my vegetarian palette. I have talked to many people and recommend it to everyone. What an amazing time we had and how comfortable we all were together. Josi, Ellen and I will have a friendship forever. The serenade the last night was my highlight. Can you imagine? I don’t get men following me around Melbourne in black capes with coloured ribbons and guitars singing. Only in Santiago. Eleni Goulas, Australia. French Camino 2008.

I am still lit from my voyage, every day I feel I am making more sense of it. The guide´s comments and smile, her patience made everything infinitely more dimensional. The compelling pull of the sun…, the sense that history is so much longer than any believed system we know. I feel that this path is miles and miles deeper tan what we have available in word, records, numbers….It was an honor to be upon it –even for such brief time. Thank you. Ellen Wiener, New York, USA. Camino de Santiago 2008.

Brilliant, everything absolutely excellent, guide most considerate, helpful, an excellent leader. What a great holiday I had, enjoyed the walk, the company, the scenery. Thank you. Sybil North-Coombes, UK. French Camino, 2007.

All in all every single day was excellent, group dynamics superb, our guide Josefina was very knowledgeable about history and legends related to the Camino, she brought us together. Thank you very much. Laura Doherty, Australia. French Camino, 2007.

It has been a marvellous trip, food, wine and hotels superb, Josefina (our guide) was outstanding, not enough space here to do her justice. Brian Cairns, Scotland, UK. French Camino April 2006.

Unforgettable trip and very inspiring. Tour leader was a very pleasant, fun person, who organised our picnics and everything else beautifully. Bobbie Riley, England, UK. French Camino, May 2006.