Pay for your Iberian Adventures Trip

If you’ve come to this page, that means you are ready to pay for your Iberian Adventure! Please read the following and choose your payment accordingly:

PAYMENT TYPES – you’ll be making one of these 3 payments

Deposit payment: To reserve your your space on the trip, we require a deposit payment of 300€ (euros) per person.

Balance Payment: Payment of the final balance is due 60 days before the trip start date. This amount will have been communicated to you via e-mail at the time of trip confirmation from Iberian Adventures.

Full 1-Time Payment: In the case of booking less than 60 days prior to start date, we will require full, one-time payment of the entire tour cost.  Of course, if you wish you may also make a full 1-time payment instead of making separate deposit and balance payments.

PAYMENT METHODS – you can pay us using either method


This is our preferred method of payment. You can pay using a PalPal balance if you have an account or using a credit card if you don’t. When you select euros as the payment currency unit, PayPal automatically calculates the amount in your local currency and charges you accordingly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Payment by this method will require that you add a 3.8% – 5.4% + 0.35€ surcharge (depending on your country)  to the amount due to cover PayPal’s cross-border/currency transaction fee. Surcharge fees for various countries are as follows:

UK/European Union: 3.9%
USA/Canada: 4.4%
Australia/New Zealand/Philippines/Singapore/South Africa: 5.4%

For example, your deposit payment for 2 people from USA should be 312 euros per person (300 + 4.4%) x 2 persons = 626 euros.

If  you prefer this payment method, fill in the following fields and click on the Pay Now button to go to our secure PayPal account where you can complete payment.

Payment type
Number of Trip Participants You are Paying for:
Who are you paying for?
Trip you’re paying for


You can also pay us via electronic bank transfer to our bank account in Spain. However, you will be responsible for payment for any associated bank charges to ensure that we receive the full amount due in euros. Our bank details are as follows:

Bank Address: Calle José Echegaray, 5 – 7; Las Rozas, 28232, Madrid, SPAIN
IBAN Nº: ES70 1491 0001 2320 2210 9926
(FYI, the first block of 4 characters is the IBAN code,  the next 4 blocks (total of 20 digits) are the account number)


Account Holder(Beneficiary): Coral Cultura y Aventura, S.L. (our Spanish company name)
Beneficiary Address: Calle Calatayud, 31, Esc. 3, 5C, 22005, Huesca, SPAIN

Note: These bank details may look quite different from what are used for wire transfers within your own country but please be assured that all the necessary information is provided here.