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Hiking in Spain…climbing in Spain…canyoneering in Spain…mountain biking in Spain…winter snowshoeing in Spain….and the list goes on…Spain is one of Europe’s most sparsely populated and mountainous nations and has coastlines on both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea creating an extraordinary diversity of landscapes and excellent environments for outdoor adventure fun!

Join one of our great adventure trips in the most spectacular areas of the country’s major ranges to experience secret spots and a wild side of the country most visitors never see…

Guided Hiking Trips in Spain

Trekking in the Central Pyrenees Hiking in the National Parks of the Spanish Pryenees

Across the Spain-France Border: Trekking in the Pyrenees

The stunning Pyrenees—the second largest range in Europe, forms a massive natural border between Spain and France. This trip with 2 overnights in mountain huts in spectacular settings takes place in a unique Trans-National Zone – including national parks on both countries’ sides of the range: Spain’s Parque Nacional de Cañones de Ordesa y Monte Perdido and France’s Parc Nacional des Pyrénées – designated as a World Natural Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, a true paradise for wild flower lovers and nature enthusiasts and home to most of the highest summits in the Pyrenees.
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Canyon de Añisclo y las tres Sorores

National Parks of the Spanish Pyrenees

This hotel-based trip explores both of Spain’s two national parks in the Pyrenees: Aragón’s Parque Nacional de Canyones de Ordesa y Monte Perdido and Catalonia’sParc Nacional d’Aiguëstortes i Estany de Sant Maurici—unique and contrasting environments with fabulous scenery of rock and water, wildflowers and wildlife. Not only are these parks home to most of the highest summits in the entire Pyrenees but they are also home to superbly preserved villages steeped in traditional culture and fascinating history.

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Self-Guided Hiking Trips in Spain

Hiking in the Catalan Pyrenees

Hiking in the Catalan Pyrenees

This exclusive itinerary explores Catalonia’s Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park and L’Alt Pirineu Natural Park. Our overnight bases in ancient Catalán villages steeped in traditional culture and fascinating history allow you to experience classic hiking routes in some of the most spectacular and remote terrain in the entire Pyrenees, the massive natural boundary between France and Spain.
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Hiking in the Canyonlands of Guara

Hiking in the Canyonlands of Guara

Specifically designed for hiking in autumn, winter and spring (September to May) to explore Aragón’s spectacular Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Reserve, a very special range of small limestone mountains, rugged canyons and inviting turquoise pools of pristine waters, just south of the central massif of the Pyrenees. This beautiful region offers superb hiking terrain in an area of authentic Spain, totally unscathed by modern development.
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Castle in Valley of the 5 Villas

Spring & Autumn Hiking in the Sierra de Gredos Mountains

Just 2 hours west of Madrid, Castile’s Sierra de Gredos are the country’s best kept secret. This trip is designed specifically for spring & autumn exploration of the highest and wildest mountains in central Iberia. You’ll hike on both sides of the range: first in a higher northern valley with walks ranging from easy tramps up U-shaped glacial valleys to the main ridge, to forest and riverside strolls; then you’ll traverse on foot to a sunnier, southern valley for excursions through quaint local villages, mixed forests scented with oregano, thyme and rosemary, and ancient orchards of cherry, fig, sweet chestnut and walnut.
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Summer Hiking in the Gredos MountainsSummer Hiking in the Sierra de Gredos Mountains

This summer trip is specially designed for exploration of the cool alpine zone of one of Spain’s secret jewels — Castile’s Sierra de Gredos — whose glacially-sculpted Central Massif contains the highest and wildest mountains in central Spain, with numerous peaks over 2300m, culminating in Almanzar (2596m), one of Spain’s most prestigious ascents. You’ll enjoy grassy meadows, spectacular ridge walks and simple scrambles on beautiful granite with several opportunities for easy summit ascents, as well as lower-elevation riverside trails and opportunities for refreshing dips in natural river pools
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Private Outdoor Adventures

Ordesa Canyon

Take your own private adventure on any of our pre-designed guided itineraries. Perfect for families, small groups of friends, etc. Just fill in our Guided Trip Reservation Form, check the “private trip” box, tell us the dates that fit your group’s schedule and we’ll take care of the rest!

Custom Outdoor Adventures

If none of the above pre-designed itineraries precisely suits you or you prefer other mountain adventure activities, we’ll work with you to create a personalized itinerary to perfectly suit your group’s criteria and abilities! Just use our Custom Adventure Trip Request Form to let us know as many details as you can about your trip idea.

For example:

  • Hiking, Hut to Hut Trekking & Mountaineering in any of Spain’s major ranges
  • Rock climbing in Spain’s best areas, including Costa Blanca (Sella, Puig Campana, Peñón de Ifach etc.), Sierra de Gredos (Galayos, Circo de Gredos, etc.), La Pedriza, Riglos, Rodellar, Montserrat, Lérida (Montrebei, Terradets, etc.) and El Chorro just to name a few!
  • Canyoneering in Europe’s prime location – Sierra de Guara
  • Winter snowshoeing in the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa
  • Ski Mountaineering in the Pyrenees, Sierra de Guadarrama or Gredos
  • Mountain Biking in the Picos de Europa, Sierra de Gredos, Sierra de Guara and Pyrenees
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