Camino de Santiago Trip FAQ's

How do I get the Pilgrim’s Passport?

In Spain, the credencial is widely available at the main cathedrals, certain churches and many pilgrim’s refuges along the Way, generally for a recommended donation of 3 euros. In our route notes we will explain how to do this at the start point town. You’ll just need to take your passport.

It is also possible to get one before leaving home, through a local Association of the Friends of the Camino de Santiago;  through a church, or via the UK’s Confraternity of St. James


What is the Compostela certificate?

The Confraternity of Saint James has a good description of the history andcurrent significance of this interesting document, at

What do I have to do to qualify for the Compostela certificate of completion?

There are 2 basic requirements on arrival at the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago

You will have to present your pilgrim’s passport (credencial de peregrino in Spanish) to demonstrate that you’ve walked at least the final 100 km into Santiago. This document will have been duly stamped and dated at least twice a day in Galicia (once a day before reaching Galicia is OK).

You will be asked whether you have done the Camino for either “religious” or “spiritual” reasons. If you answer “no”, you will be given a different certificate, issued by the Santiago city hall (not the Cathedral) not written in […]